Join this webring by opening a pull request. Add the name of your site, the URL, and the RSS feed if you have one to src/data/members.json.

Once you've joined the ring, put something like the following code snippet into your site to render a banner with links to other member sites.

<div class="webring-banner">
<div class="webring-banner__header">
<img class="webring-banner__image" src="" alt="'Robotbill' by Jakob Vala" />
<p class="webring-banner__description">
This site is part of the <a href="">Robot Friends</a> webring.
<p class="webring-banner__links">
<a href="">Previous</a>
<a href="">Random</a>
<a href="">Next</a>

Style as you please.

'Robotbill' by Jakob Vala

This site is part of the Robot Friends webring.

Forked from this webring starter kit.